TEREA - Terre Environnement Aménagement
is a professional environmental consulting company specialized in environment and sustainable management of natural resources.

TEREA works in close cooperation with government departments of forestry and environment administrations, as well as with private sector and funding agencies.

TEREA’s areas of work encompass a wide variety of sustainable development and climate change-related issues. We successfully conduct our activities by relying on our team of environmental resource professionals including environmental experts and engineers specialized in forestry, biochemistry, socio-economics, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In addition to its internal skills, TEREA, through its extensive network of national and international experts, combines resources across geographic boundaries and technical and scientific disciplines to provide its clients with the best response teams to tackle their needs and concerns.

With offices in France, Gabon and Cameroon as well as representation in Argentina and Republic of Congo, TEREA has a strategic and global geographical position that allows for prompt intervention at an international level.

TEREA works with various industries such as oil, mining and forest, to perform Environmental Impact Assessment studies, provide environmental expertise, conduct ecological inventories and offer environmental management services.

With its established expertise in natural forest and plantation management, TEREA is currently involved in the sustainable management of more than 8,000,000 hectares of forest in Central Africa. We also, through our experienced auditors, assist logging companies and other forest-base industries in being awarded environmental accreditation as well as forestry and chain custody certifications.