Today, industrial impacts on climate change have to be considered by any activity that aims to be environmentally sustainable.

Carbon footprint

Licensed to use the Bilan Carbone® method (carbon footprint) developed by French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), TEREA proposes its technical support to measure the direct and indirect impacts of your activity on climate, and develop your Action Plan to reduce and assess your greenhouse gases emissions (GHG).

Thus, TEREA can assist you in the following fields:

  • Realization of your Carbon Footprint Full Study and/or Regulatory Assessment of GHG Emissions,
  • Action Plan Development,
  • Certification and Environnemental Display on your activities,
  • Training of your staff on implementation of good practices,
  • Looking for funding research,
  • Development of Carbon Offset Project (CDM, Voluntary Markets, REDD+, etc.).

TEREA can also assist you within the framework of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, to assess the GHG emissions of your project and to develop an Environmental and Social Management Plan, including particular requirements.

REDD+ Mechanism

TEREA supports governments, institutions and project leaders to develop REDD+ strategies and pilot activities projects (GHG emissions reduction due to deforestation and forest degradation, including conservation, sustainable forest management and increase of forest carbon stocks) and CDM (Clean Development Mechanism).

TEREA supports:

  • the development of REDD+ national strategies,
  • the realization of feasibility studies and technical support for implementation,
  • the organization of consultation plans for the stakeholders,
  • the implementation of monitoring/evaluation systems at a national and local level,
  • technical and financial partner search.
  • the development and the application of methodologies for the compilation of GHG emissions,
  • the labelling of the activities by regulated and voluntary markets standards,

Within the framework of the FORAFAMA project (support to sustainable management of forests in the Congo Basin and the Brazilian Amazon Basin), TEREA has developed a synthetic brochure about REDD+ projects implementation within the forest concessions: [link to the brochure]