Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Every industrial project must be conducted with a previous Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, which aim is to analyze the direct and indirect impacts of the project upon the natural environment, the ecological impact, the quality of life and the living environment of the population living in the area affected by the project.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments are based on an initial condition diagnosis of the site, enable to propose:

  • mitigation measures of the negative impacts,
  • building measures of the positive impacts. 

They are linked to an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) in order to plan the environmental and social measures implementation associated with the industrial project.

Thanks to its team of multi-disciplinary engineers and its partners, TEREA can realize your Environmental and Social Impact Assessments in many fields:

  • mine,
  • oil,
  • forestry and agro-industry,
  • forest management, infrastructures and Public Works,
  • Etc.

TEREA commits to respect the national and international standards (World Bank, WHO, Equator Principles…) that regulate that kind of assessment.

ICPE application (Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment)

Industrial, agricultural, craft and commercial infrastructures or others that may harm neighbourhood or environment are considered as Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE).

Depending on their disadvantages and their dangers, these installations must be the subject of an administrative declaration or authorization including an environmental and social impact assessment and a risk assessment.

TEREA and its experts and partners network can prepare the declaration and authorization file of Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment and ensure the administrative monitoring.

Diagnosis, environmental audits and ESMP monitoring

To control the environmental aspects of an industrial project involve a preliminary analysis (diagnosis) and a periodic analysis (audits) of the installations, in order to:

  • measure the level of noxious emissions,
  • check the relevance of environmental protection measures and compensation measures of the negative impacts on the environment,
  • ensure an operational control of the company practices and techniques likely to have an impact on the environment.

The diagnosis, first step of every environmental approach, allows the implementation of action plans or Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) in order to fulfil the legal environmental requirements and to initiate a certification process if necessary.

Terea can help you to realize environmental diagnosis and audits of the sensitive installations already operating

Environmental diagnosis

The industrial sites with potential impacts on the environment need an environmental monitoring, particularly in the frame of an environmental and social management plan.

TEREA can guide you in the measurement campaign implementation:

  • Surface water and groundwater qualitative and quantitative monitoring,
  • Air quality monitoring (gas and dust),
  • Soil survey, sampling and analysis,
  • Noise measurement on industrial site and neighbourhood.

TEREA can train your staff to realize environmental monitoring.

Specific environmental assessments

In addition to audits, diagnosis, environmental and social management plans, administrative declarations … the industrial project proponent can need specific assessments which allow exploring an environmental issue to adopt environmentally friendly processes.

Our multi-disciplinary team can give expertise in the fields of:

  • Biodiversity inventories (botany, ichthyology, ornithology, large fauna…),
  • Risk assessments,
  • Health and Safety,
  • Acoustical modelling,
  • Water management assessments (hydrogeological and hydrological studies),
  • Site rehabilitation studies,
  • High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF) identification,
  • Carbon Footprint,
  • Socio-economic studies,
  • Etc.

Health, Safety and Environmental Management

Environmental management is an organizational approach which aim is to identify the company activities impacts, to assess and to reduce them progressively and continuously.

While enhancing the company environmental performance, the Environmental Management System (EMS) allows to:

  • develop the corporate image and the relations with the partners,
  • motivate staff members that see in the EMS the improvement of the working conditions (health, safety…),
  • reduce the costs linked to a poor management (supplying consumables, occupational accidents, absence from work due to sickness, etc.).

The EMS implementation can include rules for performance improvement in the fields of health and safety at work (HSE system).

TEREA can guide companies in their environmental policy implementation, environmental aspects and impacts identification and analysis, and EMS implementation (processes, training, etc.), in accordance with the ISO 14 001 standard which guarantees a continuous improvement approach of the company's environmental performance.

TEREA can also provide technical and regulatory support in the fields of hygiene, safety and workers’ health organization, and environment sustainable management.

Our support includes an important training based on appropriate training materials.