TEREA attaches great importance to training and skills transfer, essential for the operators and the partner administrations of TEREA to pick up the issues.

TEREA proposes short and long term in-company training sessions or ongoing training in order to guarantee the technical solutions implementation brought during its missions of support in various fields.

Hereafter the training sessions proposed by TEREA.

Training in the field of environment

  • Environmental analysis of a site
  • Environmental and Social Management Plan creation and implementation
  • Sampling and water, air and soil analysis of a site
  • Waste management

Training in the field of health and safety

  • Health and safety in a logging camp
  • Health and safety in a wood processing factory
  • Health and safety in a mining site

Training in the field of forestry

  • Tropical forestry legal framework and certification
  • Operating activities planning
  • Reduced Impact Logging and post-exploitation operations
  • Tree felling, tree cutting and logs shaping techniques
  • Timber cruise
  • Forest traceability

Training in the field of timber industry

  • Timber industry legal framework, certification and traceability
  • Sawing techniques and woodrecovery
  • Cutting tool maintenance and sharpening
  • Production management and planning
  • Control of the wood gluing process
  • Dry-kiln mastery

Training in the field of cartography

  • Cartography induction training
  • Fundamentals of remote sensing
  • Database creation and management linked to a GIS
  • GIS applied to forestry (sampling plans, activities monitoring database…)

Training in the field of climate

  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • REDD+ project preparation and implementation

Training on-demand

TEREA also provides training on-demand, suitable to your needs and requirements of your company.

The success of these training sessions is based on the experiment and the skills of TEREA actors in various industrial sectors (oil, mining, forest…) and on suited educational tools.