The tropical-wood-producing countries legislation is prohibiting progressively the log-export in order to support the development of the local wood-processing industries.

The national success of this industrial development strategy implies new requirements for the Administration in charge of the sector Forest/Wood and requires a fast adaptation of the economic operators.

TEREA can make an international expertise in the fields from first to third transformation, through expertise, training and consultancy.

Our expertise aims to build existing processing units capacities, promote their development, and allow the creation of new units well accommodated with available resource and market opportunities.

TEREA can analyze your industrial sites, your wood resources and your needs, to find technical and strategic solutions able to improve your performance, develop your industries and anticipate the evolutions of the wood industry.

Support to industrial sector

Control of the industrial equipment

  • Sawing techniques and woodrecovery
  • Cutting tool sharpening (sawmill and carpentry)
  • Productivity (volume and value)
  • Production flows improvement and stock management

Industrial development

  • Creation and industrialization processes for new manufacturing
  • Consultancy in the fields of workshop or factory establishment
  • Drying units implementation
  • Second and third transformation development (laminated and finger jointed wood product, carpentry…)

Production management

  • Scheduling system improvement
  • Production cost estimate
  • Production planning

Support to craft sector

To develop the third wood transformation means, for companies, to make an important step in the fields of equipment, staff qualification and organization. Craft companies are not prepared to meet this evolution that should be very progressive.

The support of wood craftsmen - step by step - includes technical support (know-how improvement, technical training) and organizational support (order management, serial production, sharing of some equipment…).

Through training courses and consultancy, based on a preliminary assessment, TEREA supports wood craftsmen in their organization and their development.

Support to Administrations

TEREA supports the Administrations in the implementation of their wood industrialization policy. TEREA can provide technical assistance, training, support for standards and regulations development, implementation of incentives concerning wood sector development at national level.