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Clothilde Lecq

Environment and biodiversity project officer

Nathalie Ayrault

Reforestation, revegetation and restauration project officer

Pierre Schueller

Chargé de projets forêt-climat

Benoit Demarquez

TEREA's Chairman - CEO & Founder

Jean-Blaise Mebenga

Environment Project Officer

Sylvestre Awome

Research Officer

Claude Zimendende

Forest/Environment Project Officer

Anselme Nongamani

National Technical Assistant in Local PPNFC

Jade Roubert-Olive

Tender Officer

Romesse Davili Mintogo Nguema

Environment Project Officer

Geslin Omeme

Socio-economic Project Officer

Noella Chancelle Midoumbi-Ndoumou

Environment Project Officer

Ivan Mve

Assistant Manager TEREA Gabon

Brejnev Ngoma-Nguimbi

PACO Project Secretary

Cédrick Boulan

Technical Assistant PARSA Project

Eddy Adili Lwasso

PACO Project Main Technical Assistant

Ella Mampouwa

PACO Project Accountant

Yves Ewomba Gallot

Chargé de mission environnement

Pierre-Marie Théodore Etoa Abena

PARSA Project Technical Assistant for Cocoa

Paméla Dominique Akoma Ndzeng

Environment Project Officer

Asmaa Oulmi

Administrative Assistant TEREA France

Stéphanie Daullé

Forest Project Officer

Guillaume Neve

Long-term Technical Assistant - Forest Management Inventory Supervisor

Helena Gloria Matangoye Moubadza

Executive Assistant TEREA Gabon

Daril Ndjiba Mitombo

Environment Officer - HSE

Frédéric Priser

Forest Project Manager

Coline Seyller

Project Manager

Céleste Ngantchou

Director TEREA Cameroon

Capucine Badinier

Director TEREA Argentina

Armelle Raymonde Okomo Nkoa

Executive Assistant TEREA Cameroon

Élisabeth Vincent

Administrative Assistant TEREA France

Karel Picquenot

Director TEREA France

Guy Roulette

Technical Assistant PPFNC Project

Creck Dassi

Geomatics officer

Yann Petrucci

Project Manager

Sarah Toint

Biodiversity Project Officer

Santiago Martinez Plaza

Research & Forest Management Officer

Rodolphe Metayer

Environment Project Director

Pauline Debères

Project Manager

Mauricio Daniel Mattenet

Project Officer

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