Follow-up of Projet Paysage Forestier Nord Congo (PPFNC)

After the holding of the “Comité de Pilotage” at the end of 2021, the PPFNC Project, assisted by the TEREA - AGRECO - CIRAD Consortium, begins a dynamic year 2022, mobilizing with the different departments of the Congolese Ministry of Forest Economy for the implementation of the different components activities of the Project.

The challenge for the PPFNC team was to present the project's objectives to the Ministry, particularly through the involvement of its National Coordinator.

The exchanges made it possible to integrate the remarks of the supervisory Ministry, to consolidate the coherence of the project's interventions with the vision and actions carried out by the Ministry, and to count on the support and mobilization of government agents in the accomplishment of PPFNC activities.

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