International Day of Forests: TEREA reminds us of the importance of these ecosystems.

Monday 20 March saw the publication of the 6ᵉ IPCC assessment report, which summarises the scientific knowledge acquired between 2015 and 2021 on climate change and measures to mitigate and adapt to it.

This 6ᵉ report will form the main scientific basis for the first global assessment of the Paris Agreement, which will take place at COP28 at the end of 2023.

Whatever our current efforts, the IPCC estimates that global warming will reach 1.5°C by the early 2030s. Limiting this warming to 2°C will only be possible by accelerating the reduction in emissions after 2030 in order to :

  • Reduce net global CO2 emissions to zero;
  • Significantly reduce emissions of other greenhouse gases.

Forests are at the heart of these challenges and are, as the report emphasises, one of the solutions. "Several mitigation options, including [...] improved forest management, are becoming increasingly cost-effective and are generally supported by the public."

On this International Day of Forests, TEREA reiterates the importance of forest ecosystems, particularly biodiversity-rich tropical ecosystems, in the fight against climate change. This includes :

  • Promoting sustainable forest management
  • Combating deforestation, by supporting countries or project leaders in implementing climate/carbon strategies
  • Restoring forest cover through planting and agroforestry projects.

At TEREA, we are convinced that these actions, like many others, will contribute to the global effort to limit global warming and protect these irreplaceable ecosystems.

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