Intervention of TEREA Gabon during the public consultations on the bypass project of the international airport of Libreville

TEREA Gabon presented on January 26th its progress on the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the construction project of the access road and the connection ramp to the Libreville International Airport, during the public consultations organized on this subject.

This project, carried out between the Gabonese State and GSEZ - Gabon Special Economic Zone Airport, aims to bypass the capital's airport.

Within the framework of its ESIA, TEREA measures the potential impacts (air quality, noise and vibrations, water and soil, biodiversity, climate change, waste, transport, archaeology, socio-economic and health and cumulative impacts) in order to elaborate an environmental and social management plan to be able to manage at best these impacts and the risks associated with the project.

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