TEREA participates in the COPIL of the "Projet Paysage Forestier Nord Congo" (PPFNC)

The Consortium TEREA - Terre Environnement Aménagement -AGRECO GEIE - CIRAD participated on Friday 10 December 2021 in the second "Comité de Pilotage" (COPIL) of the "Projet Paysage Forestier Nord Congo" (PPFNC) at the Ministry of Forest Economy.

This project, financed by the AFD - Agence Française de Développement and the FFEM, aims to ensure the maintenance of ecological continuums and the preservation of biological diversity in the territories of Northern Congo while supporting the socio-economic development of indigenous populations and local communities, and integrated land use planning. This last component specifically seeks to pursue the dynamics of sustainable forest management, both in forest concessions with validated management plans and without.

The objective of this COPIL was to evaluate the activities and field studies carried out in 2021 and analyse the programming of activities for the coming year.The " Comité de Pilotage " validated the Annual Budgeted Work Plan proposed by the project, allowing to give continuity to the intervention axes identified during this first year.

The Ministry of Forest Economy has reaffirmed its commitment to improve forest management in the project area, and has announced that measures will be taken to mobilise all stakeholders in the area.

TEREA and the other members of the Consortium will mobilize to answer the expectations of the MEF and propose a technical accompaniment and solutions adapted to these various actors.

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