PPFNC: TEREA trains the DGEF and the CNIAF in monitoring and control of the implementation of forest management plans in the Republic of Congo

On 21 and 22 June 2022, nine agents of the National Centre of Inventory and Management of Forest and Fauna Resources (CNIAF) and of the General Directorate of Forest Economy (DGEF) followed a training, during a theoretical workshop organized in Brazzaville by an expert forest manager of TEREA and a national consultant, allowing them to update their knowledge on sustainable forest management and good practices within the forestry companies :

  • forest planning and reduced impact logging (RIL)
  • quality
  • hygiene
  • safety and environment
  • development of the industrial tool
  • working and living conditions of staff
  • contribution to the financing of local development within the FMUs
  • conservation of biodiversity

To put into practice the concepts covered in this training, the agents had the opportunity to go to the Industrie Forestière de Ouesso (IFO), in the Sangha department, for nearly ten days.

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