TEREA's participation to the CIB and the ATIBT Forum in Nantes from June 1st to 3rd 2022

Within the framework of the annual Forum of the Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT) associated with the Carrefour International Du Bois (CIB) 2022, TEREA was present to participate in this edition which took place in Nantes from June 1st to 3rd.

These events were an opportunity to exchange with all the actors of the tropical forestry and wood industry on various subjects.

TEREA had the honour to lead a conference on "the carbon and biodiversity valorization in the sustainable forest management ", representing the Carbon and Biodiversity Commission of the ATIBT, accompanied by experts in this field, Alain Karsenty from CIRAD, who spoke about the current state of carbon markets, particularly after COP26 in Glasgow and the impact on the forestry sector, and Arthur Pivin from Carbone 4, who spoke about methodologies aimed at carbon neutrality as well as projects aimed at developing biodiversity certificates on an international scale.

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