Support to the monitoring of the project "La Montañona: Sustainable management of productive landscapes based on conservation agriculture, agroforestry, agro-sylvo-pastoral systems and forest protection" in El Salvador

Ref 2019-A-001

Agroforestry, Institutional support, Forest and climate change, From land use planning to local development, Project management, Natural forests management, Forest and tropical timber industry
South America

The Montañona region, located in the north of El Salvador, is an important natural reserve of biodiversity and ecosystems and plays a key role in the country's water and electricity supply. It is particularly affected by population growth, which puts great pressure on natural resources, and poor agricultural practices, leading to significant soil erosion and impoverishment, which amplify the impact of climate change.

The main objective of the project is to restore and protect these natural resources, but also to develop sustainable production systems that improve the productivity and profitability of agricultural activity in a territory that is already very poor.
Partly financed by the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), it is based on the development of technical expertise to support local producers in the conversion of their practices, as well as on the strengthening of local governance to develop a coherent and integrated conservation and production strategy by the various public and private actors in the region.

In this context, TEREA has been mandated by the FFEM to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of El Salvador and to the Association of Municipalities of La Montañona to ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

TEREA's support comes at the end of 2 years of project implementation, following which a revision of the operational and financial intervention strategy was necessary, as well as an assessment of the local technical capacities and reinforcement needs and the development and implementation of a technical and financial monitoring-evaluation system to orientate decision making and facilitate the follow-up and understanding by the FFEM of the evolution of the project.