Coaching of the BSO company for the certification of legality and PAFC, in the framework of the PPECF project

2019-En cours
Ref 2021-G-034

Natural forests management
Central Africa

Within the framework of the "Coaching certification" component of the PPECF project (Program for the Promotion of Certified Logging, financed by the German Cooperation), the company BSO has called upon TEREA to accompany it in its process of obtaining the OLB and PAFC legality certifications.

TEREA directly supports BSO with the presence of a permanent technical assistance based on the concessions of BSO, supplemented by external expertise and specific training (controlled felling, EFIR, mapping ...).

The various activities carried out concern :

  • The implementation of specific action plans and follow-up of their execution;
  • Implementation of training and awareness to certification;
  • Drafting of operational procedures, support to their implementation;
  • Monitoring of the traceability system;
  • Realization of internal audits;
  • Support and advice to the company's management in the context of its certification process;
  • Participation in certification audits, follow-up of non-conformity removal files;
  • Realization of trainings (controlled slaughter, reduced impact exploitation...);
  • Realization of specific expertises (Wildlife Protection Plan, ESIA, AFEI studies - Ecologically Important Forest Areas, etc.).

The support brought by TEREA contributed to the success of the BSO company in obtaining at first an OLB certificate for all its activities, then the PAFC certificate of sustainable management.