Technical and economic study of the mobilization of forest residues from the logging of Fanalamanga (Madagascar) in the framework of a wood-energy biomass plant project in Mayotte

Ref 2016-F-009

Forest plantations
Southern Africa

The purpose of the mission is :

  • Quantitative evaluation of the mobilizable forest residues
  • Technical and economical study of mobilization routes

Description of the services effectively rendered:

  • Analysis of the context and investment opportunities (political context, situation and organization of the company FANALAMNAGA SA)
  • Realization of field inventories to proceed to the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the stands: age and typology of the stands, soil fertility, productivity of the stands, evaluation of the silvicultural routes, etc.
  • GIS data processing: sampling and stratification of the forest massif
  • Evaluation of the sustainability of the concession: analysis of historical production data over the last 15 years, estimation of the volumes of timber actually available, evaluation of social and environmental aspects in view of a possible certification
  • Characterization of the wood resource available over the next 25 years
  • Estimation of available waste volumes and constraints related to their mobilization: logging and sawmill waste
  • Cost/benefit and opportunity/risk analysis of the implementation of a partnership between the client and FANALAMANGA SA
  • Proposal of different possible courses of action for the client