Implementation of Vietnam's 2017-2020 National REDD+ Investment Plan based on the revised National Action Programme

January 2017
Ref 2017-F-007

Institutional support, Forest and climate change

The objective of this study was to support the Government of Vietnam in developing an investment plan for the implementation of the National REDD+ Action Programme, for an initial implementation period from 2017 to 2020, and deployed through a participatory, transparent and inclusive process.
The work resulted in :

  • An extensive review of the literature on the current context of forest resources, governance, land cover change and drivers of deforestation and degradation that allowed the development of the Theory of Change,
  • Review of the alignment of the national REDD+ programme with international conventions and the country's commitments,
  • The development of 24 concept notes for the implementation of the 46 Policies and Measures, each including
    • Review of the context and justification
    • Action plan for the period 2017-2020
    • Identification of coordinating agencies and partners
    • ◦ Estimation of costs and benefits
    • ◦ Analysis of existing funding sources
    • ◦ M&E indicators
  • Analysis of co-benefits, risks and mitigation measures
  • Review of institutional and operational arrangements