Environmental monitoring at the Owendo Port mineral terminal in Gabon

Ref 2019-G-081

Forest and tropical timber industry
Central Africa

TEREA is in charge of the environmental monitoring (air, water and noise) at the level of the mineral terminal of the Port of Owendo in Gabon, in order to verify the conformity of this site with the national and international standards (IFC), for the concerned components.

Having at their disposal measurement tools in conformity with the required standards, the teams of TEREA realize :

  • An annual campaign of noise measurement over 24 hours by means of an integrating sound level meter of class 1 (uncertainty of measurements lower than 0,7 dB). This class is particularly well adapted to measurement campaigns in professional and ambient environment.
  • An annual ambient air quality measurement campaign using passive (passive tubes) and active (Gilair pump) samplers, organized in two sessions (1 session during operations involving Manganese, 1 session during operations involving clinker).
  • • Monitoring of surface water quality via a sampling campaign every two months on the main waterways and drains on the site, i.e. a total of six samples per year.

The samples taken are sent to approved/certified laboratories. The data are analyzed by the teams of TEREA.

The standards used are the national and international standards, in particular the general EHS Guidelines of the IFC/WHO and the Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) in France defined by the French National Institute for Research and Safety (INRIS).