Support to the certification and management program of eucalyptus plantations in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo.

Ref 2008-06-EFC

Forest plantations
Central Africa
Republic of Congo

EFC (Eucalyptus Fibres Congo), a subsidiary of the Canadian group MAG INDUSTRIES, manages, within the framework of an agreement with the Congolese government, the clonal industrial eucalyptus plantations of Pointe-Noire, covering an area of 40,000 ha, with a planned extension to 60,000 ha, for an eventual production that should reach 1,200,000 m3 / year

The EFC company, responding to the expectations of the Congolese government and the international community, and facing an increasingly competitive market, has decided to develop a sustainable development plan for the massif it manages, with the objective of FSC certification of the 60,000 ha of plantation.

The management / certification program was entrusted to the company TEREA which assisted, in collaboration with the Administration in charge of forests, the company EFC in the framework of this sustainable management project.

Description of the services actually rendered :

  • Support to the definition of the extension of the surfaces to be planted;
  • Development of operational procedures;
  • Design / elaboration of a sustainable management plan, respecting FSC criteria and meeting industrial forecasts;
  • Development of a traceability system, using the latest GIS or database management tools, in compliance with FSC certification
  • Regular support on cross-cutting activities such as mapping (stand, parcel, social, environmental);
  • Socio-economic study, follow-up of measures and necessary upgrades;
  • Ecological study, follow-up of measures and necessary upgrades
  • Social and environmental management plan;
  • Proposal of upgrading measures in relation to FSC certification
  • Administrative follow-up of the file;
  • Advice to the EFC management.