Technical Assistance in the field of promotion and transformation of wood to the Direction of Promotion and Transformation of Forest Products (DPT) of MINFOF in Cameroon.

Ref 2012-050-MINFOF

Wood industry
Central Africa

Within the framework of the Forest and Environment Sector Program, on KfW financing, the implementation of a 3-year technical assistance to the Directorate of Promotion and Processing of Forest Products (DPT) aims at boosting the Further Processing of Wood (FPT) in Cameroon and more particularly at reinforcing in a sustainable way the technical capacities of the DPT, of its Sub-Directorates and Services, in particular

  • Analysis of the organizational structure of the TPD, its mode of operation, its resources and formulation of recommendations to improve its efficiency;
  • Ongoing advice to TPD on all issues related to this Directorate, in particular those related to the path towards the BPPT;
  • Assist TPD in the development of ongoing initiatives, including
  • Timber Industry Industrialization Plan;
  • Internal Wood Market;
  • Revision of the forestry law;
  • Rehabilitation of the Wood Promotion Center (CPB).
  • Identification of needs, organization of study and training missions to strengthen the capacities of TPD staff;
  • Formulation of recommendations on strategies and means to be deployed in order to promote the development of a formal sector of TPPB;
  • Assist TPD in its coordination/collaboration efforts with other government departments;
  • Provide recommendations on the promotion of new species (promotional species), the promotion of Cameroonian wood products (product showcase), the training of craftsmen, etc;
  • Identification of initiatives and projects in favor of the TPPB, support to the Direction of the Promotion and Transformation of Forest Products in the definition and search for funding from multilateral and bilateral cooperation agencies.

The permanent Technical Assistance was completed by 660 ho.days of short term missions in the following fields

  • Marketing, marketing and promotion: market studies, international benchmarking studies, promotion, marketing plans, etc.
  • Forestry: forest resources, supply and access to the resource, organization and support of the informal sector towards the formal sector;
  • Technologies: sawmill technologies (portable sawmills, industrial sawmills, drying, etc.), other wood products (veneers and plywood, wood fiber-based panels, densified wood energy, etc.);
  • Training of the workforce: diagnosis, needs assessment, development of training programs, etc;
  • Standardization: establishment of standards for drying, secondary processing products, quality standards, etc;
  • Business environment: regulatory and legal framework, corporate taxation, free trade zones, tax breaks for new businesses, etc;
  • Entrepreneurship: recruitment, training, incubation, coaching, etc;
  • Management and financing: development of investment funds for business start-ups, financial engineering of projects, management consulting, etc.