Wildlife Protection Plans for the Okano and Abanga Forest Management Units

Ref 2021-034-01-G

Forest and tropical timber industry
Central Africa

BSO owns two forest management units: the Abanga and Okano Forest Management Units. These two Forest Management Units being geographically distant, it was decided to elaborate a Wildlife Protection Plan for each Forest Management Unit.

  • Within the framework of the drafting of these Wildlife Protection Plans, the missions of TEREA were as follows:
  • Carrying out inventories of the medium and large terrestrial fauna (surveys and photographic traps);
  • Synthesis of documents related to biodiversity on BSO permits;
  • Analysis and assessment of the state of wildlife protection in the licences, by means of an in-depth examination of the actions taken, the resources available, the constraints or opportunities preventing or favouring implementation of the plan, the stakeholders, etc.
  • Identifying, mobilising and informing key stakeholders involved or to be involved in drawing up the Wildlife Protection Plan and its future implementation;
  • Proposing a draft of the Wildlife Protection Plans for the Abanga and Okano Forest Management Units, in particular formalising any partnerships for implementing the Wildlife Protection Plan in the field;
  • Submission of the Wildlife Protection Plans to the supervisory administration for validation.