Support for BSO in setting up a forest nursery in Gabon

Ref 2021-034-04-G

Training, Forest plantations
Central Africa

The project involves providing technical support to the BSO company in setting up a production unit for local forest species with a high commercial value in order to implement its sustainable forest management and reforestation initiatives. These initiatives meet the requirements of the PAFC forest management certification standard, for which the certificate was obtained in 2022.

This support took place in several phases:

  • Analysis of the species exploited and identification of the species to be introduced;
  • Construction of a nursery with a capacity of 2,000 seedlings;
  • Training of a BSO employee in the day-to-day management of the nursery and in reforestation techniques in degraded areas or to enrich felling gaps;
  • Production of seedlings (Padouk, Movingui, Okan),
  • Quality control of seedlings.