Yann Petrucci

Project Manager

Assignement : France

Geographical area : Argentine, Bénin, Bolivie, Cambodge, Cameroun, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Europe, France, Gabon, Ghana, Guinée (Konakry), Guyana, Guyane française, Japon, Libéria, Nigeria, Paraguay, Pays sahéliens, République centrafricaine, République Démocratique du Congo, République du Congo, Suriname, Vietnam

Skills :

  • Monitoring, management, evaluation, feasibility of international programs with major donors
  • Institutional support to national administrations
  • Analysis of FLEGT wood sectors, EUTR;
  • Definition, development and implementation of certification systems
  • Preparation, application and evaluation of forest management plans
  • Conservation of biodiversity in protected areas
  • Assistance to village communities in the management of natural resources

Education - Training :

  • Master 2 (DEA) in Ecology, 1992, Université Paris XI - France
  • Forestry Engineer diploma, 1991, ENITEF - France

Experience : 30 years}} - With TEREA since 2012

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