Adrien Peyre

Project Manager

Assignement : Kenya

Geographical area : Jordanie, Liban, Myanmar, République Démocratique du Congo, République du Congo, Territoires palestiniens

Skills :

  • Monitoring, management, evaluation, feasibility of international programs with major donors (UE, USAID, LIFT, UNDP, FAO, MAE, AFD)
  • Agrarian systems assessment, socio-economic studies and analyses of agricultural sectors.
  • Organization of participatory farmer trainings.
  • Agricultural science: Reasoned fertilization using the PIlazo method and petiole analysis, optimization of plot irrigation, agroforestry and integrated cropping practices.
  • Organizational and technical support to farmers' and irrigation workers' associations.

Education - Training :

  • MSc in Forestry and Natural Resource Management, 2002-2004, Wageningen Research University - Netherlands.
  • Engineer in International Agricultural Development, Ecole Supérieure d'Agro-Développement International (ISTOM), 1998-2002, Angers – France.

Experience : 14 years}} - With TEREA since 2020

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