Pierre-Marie Théodore Etoa Abena

PARSA Project Technical Assistant for Cocoa

Assignement : Puesso

Geographical area : Republic of Congo

  • Expertise/Consultancy in production and regulation of the cocoa and coffee sectors (production, marketing, diversification). Expertise in sustainable crop production, agribusiness farm management, and the marketing and promotion of cocoa and coffee by-products.
  • Expertise in management/facilitation of farmers' organizations in general and of cocoa producers' cooperatives.
  • Technical expert I.S.O., CEN TC 415 and A.N.O.R. Cameroon (Design, popularization, standards implementation control for the Production, Marketing and processing of cocoa).
  • Expertise in international trade and financial structuring in the agribusiness and mining sectors, specializing in trade finance, shipping and international logistics.
  • Expertise in monitoring and evaluation, and project management and financing.
  • Global trade operations engineering.
  • Product inspector: quality control and expertise, certification, litigation management, sworn in at the High Court of Wouri in Douala since June 5, 2008.
  • Good experience in international cooperation in cocoa and coffee sectors.
Education - Training
  • Bachelor’s degree (DESS) in International Trade - Ecole Nationale d’exportation de Paris (ENE ex I.C.I): Advanced course for export executives. From 1986 to 1987.

Active since 1983. With Terea since 2021.