Benoît Demarquez

Président Directeur général / Fondateur de Terea

Assignement : Marseille

Geographical area : Argentina, Cambodia, Ivory Coast, France, Gabon, Republic of Congo

  • Monitoring, management, evaluation, feasibility of international programs with major donors
  • Institutional support to national administrations
  • Assessment of FLEGT wood sectors, EUTR
  • Definition, development and implementation of certification systems
  • Preparation, implementation and evaluation of forest management plans
  • Consulting and strategic support in connection with the forestry and tropical wood industry
  • Team management
Education - Training

Forest Engineering curriculum at Ecole Nationale du Génie Rural, des Eaux et des Forêts (F.I.F. – E.N.G.R.E.F.) - with a major in management / moist or dry tropical forests

Active since 1998. With Terea since 2004.