5th ATIBT Think Tank co-hosted by TEREA on the theme: "Giving value back to forests: Carbon finance and biodiversity".

TEREA, in charge of the ATIBT Carbon and Biodiversity Commission, co-hosted the first day (December 7) of the 5th ATIBT Think Tank dedicated to Carbon and Biodiversity Finance to return value to forests. This annual event, held since 2018 in Nogent-sur-Marne, seeks to answer the question "What future for certified companies in the Congo Basin?"

The first part of the day focused on the activities of the ATIBT Carbon & Biodiversity Commission, on COP27 and COP15.

The second part of the morning focused on the topic of "biodiversity beyond carbon".

The early afternoon saw the presentation of project examples under the question "what difficulties for forest carbon projects and how to overcome them?

Act 4 was dedicated to investors, with presentations from several public and private funders highlighting what they are looking for as a way to increase the value of their investments.

The day concluded with the question "what should we propose to KfW/Comifac in a 4th phase of the PPECF"?

Each of these events brought together numerous speakers and experts on the subjects addressed and led to numerous reflections with the members of the ATIBT present on site or virtually.

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