Development of two tools for the consideration of carbon and GHG issues in PAFC Congo Basin certified logging

In March and April, two TEREA consultants visited four forestry companies in Gabon (Precious Wood - CEB, Bois et sciage de l'Ogooué - BSO), Cameroon (Société d'Exploitation des Etablissements de Fombelle - SEEF) and Congo (Congolaise Industrielle des Bois - CIB-Olam) in order to test the first version of two tools, developed with PPECF funding, which will enable loggers to meet the two requirements of the new Congo Basin PAFC standard, in relation to current climate issues:

  • The integration of a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions assessment linked to the logging company's activities (requirement 7.3.1)
  • The integration of a carbon stock map (requirement 7.3.2)

These field missions allowed us to gather feedback from companies on the tools developed and to test them using the information measured and collected on the concessions to improve their applicability.

The ultimate objectives of these tools for forest operators in the Congo Basin will be

  • Establish an annual quantification of GHG emissions, linked to their logging and processing activities, and monitor them in order to identify and implement appropriate mitigation measures;
  • Map their estimated aerial carbon stocks in the Forest Management Unit;
  • Quantitatively identify particularly important carbon stocks.


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