Participation of TEREA in the Round Table "substantiating the claim of SFM with regards to climate change mitigation " organised by the Precious Forest Foundation.

TEREA represented the ATIBT at the Round Table initiated by the Precious Forest Foundation on October 6th. The round table gathered several experts of carbon and forest to discuss the role of sustainable forest management in climate change mitigation, and the access to carbon credit mechanisms by forest operators.

After an afternoon rich in exchanges and debates, several observations emerged.

Firstly, forest operators need to have a better understanding of carbon markets, prices and the costs/benefits of implementing a carbon project. They also need to understand carbon ownership issues, which are very country-specific. The use of external technical assistance (facilitators) to make the link between sustainable forest management and carbon markets appeared useful for this.

A second observation is that it seems necessary to convey to the general public and potential investors the idea that a sustainably exploited tropical forest has economic, social and environmental benefits and plays a major role in the fight against climate change.

Finally, that a fair and remunerative price for carbon credits will allow foresters to commit to these promising initiatives while being assured that their sometimes significant but necessary investments are covered.

Other exchanges will follow this round table. In the run-up to COP26, TEREA continues, through its activities, to address these issues and to seek the best solutions to help forest operators contribute to the fight against climate change, ensuring that their efforts and investments are recognised.

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