PPFNC : TEREA-CIB collaboration to improve the tools of communication, sensitization and co-management with the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples

One of the objectives of the « Projet Paysage Forestier Nord Congo » is to strengthen the dynamics of sustainable forest management, supporting the different stakeholders in capacity building.

Two experts have been mobilized by TEREA to collaborate with Congolaise Industrielle de Bois (CIB), firm managing more than two million hectares of FSC certified forests.

The objective of the mission was to support CIB in the improvement of approaches and tools used to consolidate the relations of respect and confidence between the firm and the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples.

These two experts were able to draw up a diagnosis of practices with the CIB's Social Service team through the analysis of strategic documents, procedures, communication and awareness-raising tools, and also through interviews and observations in the field.  On the basis of the study's conclusions, the CIB now has a number of areas for improvement to further strengthen relations with the CLPAs.

PPFNC and TEREA staffs continue to work in these aspects to bring more relevant and innovative tools in the social field to the private operators.

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