TEREA - Terre Environnement Aménagement supports in this year 2022, a second association: Solidarité France Sahel.

Always in the direction taken in its wishes for 2022, TEREA has decided to follow a second association which works for the good: Solidarité France Sahel.

This association, founded in 2008 by Louis and Françoise Fontvieille, implements committed projects in Senegal, particularly in the Sine Valley, through economic and environmental development programs in conjunction with local communities.

These programs target reforestation and agroforestry projects, livestock breeding and handicraft activities, particularly press oil. The association has even initiated the SARL Oléo-Sine, which now markets the products of an oil mill, located in Sorokh, a village in the Fatick region.

The creation of this oil mill has a triple objective:

  • To develop seeds that are little or not used by the local population (Baobab, etc.)
  • To create new incomes, particularly for the women in charge of harvesting, washing and crushing the seeds, and for the men in charge of the operation and management of the oil mill
  • Generate income to finance equipment or community services

Oléo-Sine has also diversified by offering cosmetic and well-being products such as soaps and food supplements whose raw materials come directly from Senegal.

The structure is part of a fair trade approach since 3% of the turnover is donated to the association Solidarité France Sahel which reinvests it in the economic development of the Sine valley.

Other development projects of this type are underway with the association. So, if you wish to contribute to the development of more of these initiatives, you can contact Solidarité France Sahel at the following address: solidaritefrancesahel34@orange.fr.

You can also find Oléo-Sine's cosmetics and natural oils on their website: www.oleosine.com and in several sales outlets in France.

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