Estimation of the carbon balances of the mitigation measures foreseen by the Argentine National Action Plan for Forests and Climate Change and proposal of a local M-MRV system.

September 2020
Ref 2019-A-005

Forest and climate change
South America

Within the framework of the REDD+ Argentina program, the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) funded a study on the implementation of mitigation measures defined in the National Action Plan on Forests and Climate Change (PANByCC) and their impact in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions.

The study, conducted by TEREA (as leader), the ProYungas Foundation and The Nature Conservancy, aimed to identify methodologies for estimating the emissions balances related to avoided deforestation, conservation and sustainable management of natural forests, as well as restoration of degraded lands and fire prevention.

Their implementation on pilot sites allowed to realize a first estimation of these emission balances, which will help the National Forestry Directorate, in charge of the application of the PANByCC, to propose a readjustment of the parameters of the National Reference Level and to specify the established hypotheses concerning the forest degradation.

The study also included a proposal for a sub-national M-MRV monitoring system, based on the generation and systematization of local information, which should allow for a better accuracy of the national Biannual Emission Reports (BUR).