Assessment of private sector engagement and the potential of carbon mechanisms and markets for REDD+ in Pakistan

Janvier 2021
Ref 2019-F-041

Institutional support, Forest and climate change

Since 2010, the Government of Pakistan has been implementing REDD+ activities to capture emission reductions from the forestry sector and contribute to climate change mitigation. The issue of financing these activities is central. In this context, the commitment (financial and technical) of the private sector is a key success factor. In addition, a good understanding of carbon markets will help to target the most appropriate mechanisms to finance REDD+ initiatives in Pakistan.

TEREA, in consortium with ONF International and EMC-Pakistan, has been mandated by the Pakistani Ministry of Climate Change to study private sector involvement in REDD+ and carbon markets. The study has two components:

  • Private sector: listing and interviews with national, regional and international private actors, study of opportunities and barriers to their engagement in REDD+;
  • Carbon markets: study of carbon offset mechanisms (voluntary or mandatory) and their application in Pakistan.