Design of a certification strategy for forest concessions involved in Gabon's emission reduction programme with the "Green Gabon" label

Janvier 2021
Ref 2020-F-048

Institutional support, Forest and climate change, Wood industry
Central Africa

Gabon is committed to the fight against climate change and has made several commitments to reduce emissions. The Law on Sustainable Development (2014) provides for the establishment of sustainable development credits, which can be generated by projects with a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions, and traded on carbon markets.

In this context, TEREA in collaboration with CIBOLA Partners has been mandated by the National Agency for National Parks (ANPN) to define a certification strategy for forest concessions engaged in a process of GHG emissions reduction, notably through sustainable development credit mechanisms.

The objectives of the mission are to

  • Propose a credit mechanism based on a sustainable development register;
  • Develop best practice guidelines for emission reductions in the forestry sector;
  • Propose a compensation mechanism for forest concessionaires engaged in GHG emission reduction, and an incentive mechanism for undecided concessions;
  • Propose a monitoring and evaluation plan for the implementation of the certification strategy.