Support to the preparation of the second National Determined Contribution (NDC) 2020-2025 of Gabon

Janvier 2021
Ref 2020-F-078

Institutional support, Forest and climate change
Central Africa

In 2015, Gabon was the first African country to publish its Nationally Determined Expected Contribution (NDEF) in the context of the international climate negotiations. Gabon committed to achieving at least a 50% reduction compared to an uncontrolled development scenario by 2025.

Under the Paris Agreement, countries must review their commitments every five years. TEREA, in partnership with Cibola Partners, a firm specialised in climate finance, has supported Gabon, through the National Climate Council (NCC), in the elaboration of its updated NDC, for the period 2020-2025. The NDC will have to formulate the actions to be implemented to reach Gabon's emission reduction targets.

For the mitigation component, four sectors have been identified as priorities: energy, forestry, agriculture, and oil/range. For each sector, TEREA and CIBOLA have carried out:

  • An inventory of the GHG emissions of the sector
  • An assessment of the progress made since the first NDC to reach the climate objectives
  • The elaboration of action proposals to reduce GHG emissions.

This work was done in close collaboration with stakeholders, through video-conference consultations. For the adaptation component, the strategy focused on the Gabonese coastline, which is particularly vulnerable to climate change.

The recommendations made by TEREA and Cibola have enabled the Gabonese government to finalise its 2020-2025 NDC and thus renew the country's commitment to the fight against climate change.