Technical support unit for the implementation of the FLEGT VPA in Congo

Ref 2016-F-023

Institutional support, Training, Wood industry, Project management, Natural forests management
Central Africa
Republic of Congo

In the context of the implementation of the FLEGT-VPA, the Republic of Congo requested additional support from AFD, which mobilized DFID funds to set up the "Support for the Implementation of the EU-Congo FLEGT-VPA" project, the main objective of which was to support all forestry sector stakeholders in the implementation of the VPA, up to the issuance of FLEGT licenses.

The project, which lasted 3 years, included 4 components :

  • Component 1: Support to the private sector
  • Component 2: Updating the Congolese legal framework
  • Component 3: Capacity building of the administration
  • Component 4: Capacity building of civil society

The technical support unit worked on components 1 and 2 of the project. Its main objective was to support private operators in the Congolese forestry sector so that they comply with the requirements of the legality grid of the Congo-EU FLEGT-VPA.

The technical support unit was composed of two long-term technical assistants (LTAs) based in Congo (Pointe Noire and Ouesso), and some twenty short-term experts (STEs) who were mobilized on various specific topics found in the FLEGT legality grid (Component 1) or to support the administration in the operational implementation of the VPA (Component 2).