Technical and financial monitoring of the project "Conservation and Sustainable Management of the Gran Chaco"

Ref 2014-F-023

Institutional support, From land use planning to local development, Project management, Forest and tropical timber industry
South America
Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay

The objective of the Grand Chaco Conservation and Sustainable Management Project is to promote the creation of a trinational protection area, located in the intermediate watershed of the Pilcomayo River (Bañado La Estrella), and to implement conservation, sustainable management and local socio-economic development initiatives that contribute to the reduction of natural resource degradation processes and poverty.

Partly financed by the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), it is based on pilot experiences of protection and local production (agricultural, artisanal and tourist) implemented in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay by the ProYungas, Nativa and Moises Bertoni foundations, respectively, and on the strengthening of local governance.
The results of these experiences will be capitalized and disseminated in order to be extended to the Gran Chaco ecoregion and to ensure a large-scale impact.

Within this framework, TEREA has been entrusted by the FFEM to carry out the technical and financial monitoring of the project implementation as well as a technical assistance to the project managers, consisting in particular in

  1. an evaluation of the degree of realization of the project and analysis of the results obtained;
  2. an analysis and monitoring of financial implementation
  3. a regular report on the development of activities at the FFEM and the formulation of recommendations to optimize project management, improve the quality of action plans and facilitate the position of the French representation at steering committees;
  4. participation in the project steering committees in support of the French representation.