Training of the Directorate General of Forest Economy (DGEF) and the National Center for Inventories and Management of Forest and Wildlife Resources (CNIAF) in the evaluation of forest management documents submitted for validation.

Ref 2018-F-035

Institutional support, Training, Natural forests management
Central Africa
Republic of Congo

From May 31 to June 8, 2022, the National Center for Inventory and Management of Forest and Wildlife Resources (CNIAF) hosted in its premises the General Directorate of Forest Economy (DGEF) as well as a TEREA management engineer, in order to benefit from a training aimed at strengthening the capacities of technical teams for the verification of preliminary study reports (management inventory report, division into series, mapping studies ... ) and forest management plans submitted for validation to the Forestry Administration.

This training allowed to approach in a concrete and applied way:

  • The verification of density, number and volume tables
  • The realization of distribution maps
  • Verification of the proposed serial divisions
  • The calculation of reconstitution rates
  • Definition of the Minimum Management Diameters (MMD) and rotation duration
  • Verification of the division of Forest Management Units (FMUs) into Production Forest Units (PFUs) with equal volumes, as proposed by the concessionaires.

This training is part of the Projet Paysage Forestier Nord Congo (PPFNC), whose 3rd component aims to continue the sustainable forest management process implemented on the national territory. One of the main objectives being to provide the Forestry Administration with tools to control and monitor the elaboration and implementation of forest management, a set of technical sheets and tutorials have been made available to DGEF and CNIAF agents so that these achievements are sustainable.