Technical assistance to develop an integrated platform for the wood processing sector in Tripoli (Minjara)

Ref 2018-F-031

Training, Wood industry, Project management

The furniture sector is an important part of the light industry in Lebanon. Historically, Tripoli was the center of the wood industry and furniture production. However, the wood industry has suffered an economic crisis due to the political stalemate in the country, slowing economic growth, decreasing demand, increasing imports of cheap products and the fallout of the Syrian conflict.

In this context, the Private Sector Development (PSD) Program was developed with the objective of contributing to economic development and job creation by promoting the productivity and competitiveness of the private sector.

Component 2 of the PSD Program consists of revitalizing the wood industry in Tripoli, focusing on furniture production. One of the strategic actions of this component is the creation of an integrated platform that aims to :

  • formalize a partnership between furniture producers and their suppliers;
  • to create a physical space where designers and furniture producers can interact
  • to integrate quality management and new product development into the activity of furniture producers;
  • to accompany the furniture producers in the modernization of their production lines and the creation of innovative products.

The technical assistant of TEREA, Mr. Frederic Anquetil, was distinguished at the very prestigious international prize of architecture "Aga Khan Award For Architecture 2022", for the realization of the project "Guest House Oscar Niemeyer Tripoli in Lebanon" within the framework of the project Minjara led with TEREA.