Revision of the CEB-Precious Woods company's management plans in Gabon

Ref 2019-G-030-Révision

Natural forests management
Central Africa

A pioneer in sustainable forest management, PW-CEB was the first private forestry company in Gabon to initiate a forest management approach in 1995.
As its first management plans implemented in 2000 for the 3 FMUs of its CFAD, covering a total of 600,000 ha, approach the end of their term, CEB anticipates the renewal process of its management plans for the second rotation.

Supported by TEREA, the process of revision passes by:

  • Elaboration of a protocol of management inventory
  • Implementation and follow-up of the field inventories (management of the logistics and follow-up of the field teams for the 600 000 ha of concessions).
  • Analysis of inventory data and drafting of inventory reports
  • Design of future management plans

In parallel, TEREA and PW-CEB are conducting a reflection, jointly with the Administration in charge of forests, in order to capitalize on the achievements of the first rotation in order to propose adaptations in the elaboration and the content of the management plan of the 2nd rotation. These adaptations are intended to take into account

  • The knowledge acquired throughout the first rotation on the natural and socio-economic environment;
  • Lessons learned throughout the implementation of the first management plan, particularly concerning the use and development of information collected during the first management inventory;
  • Data from the exploitation of the massif throughout the first rotation: wood quality, exploitable volumes, accessibility, planning of civil engineering works.