Mid-term evaluation and NIP of the project "Sustainable management of communal forests" in Benin

Ref 2015-F-071

From land use planning to local development, Project management, Involvment of local communities, Natural forests management
West Africa

The Moyen Ouémé is a Beninese region of 3 million hectares, which covers nine communes with poor soils but rich in forest formations (70% of the territory). These forests, which are neither maintained nor managed, are undergoing severe degradation (loss of up to 10,000 ha/year of cover). However, they are the main supply basin for Beninese urban centers in terms of energy wood, service wood and timber. As demand continues to increase in the face of insufficient supply, consumer prices (particularly for charcoal) are rising.
To address this situation, five of the nine communes in the Moyen-Ouémé region joined forces and created COFORMO (Communauté forestière du Moyen-Ouémé) in 2007 with the support of the World Bank (PFSE project), in order to relocate charcoal production. Among the sectoral support projects is the "Sustainable management of communal forests in Benin" project, worth €11,510,000, supported by the FGEF for €1 million.

Terea's mission was to evaluate, at mid-term, this project: interim assessment in order to make recommendations on the approach implemented to achieve the project's objectives.
Description of the services actually rendered :

Mid-term evaluation:

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the achievement of the CoForMO project activities since its start. Realization of a 10-day mission in Cotonou, Benin, and in the study area in the 5 municipalities concerned in order to collect the opinions of the project beneficiaries and partners: visit of plantations, apiaries, discussion with local partners (representatives of administrations and local communities)
Inventory of achievements and priority needs for future interventions.

Note of project intention:

In addition, a feasibility study was carried out for the realization of the second phase of the project entitled "Strengthening of the sustainable management of the forests of the Moyen-Ouémé region".

Project feasibility :

Drafting of the project commitment note (PCN):
In-depth analysis of the context based on the evaluation of the project and on the activities implemented by CoForMO over the previous 2 years. The project team worked to clarify the land component of the project and to ensure that the provision of land did not threaten the most vulnerable communities, particularly in the context of long-term reforestation. The NEP also provided clarification on the institutional set-up of the project.