Mid-term evaluation of the I Yéké Oko project

Ref 2021-F-093

From land use planning to local development, Involvment of local communities
Central Africa
Cameroon, Central African Republic

The I Yéké Oko project has been operating since 2019 in the Mambéré Kadei in the Central African Republic and Cameroon. The consortium that implements it brings together 5 international non-governmental organizations that are complementary in terms of experience (CRF, NRC, ACF, CARE, IRAM) in the targeted territories and expertise in one or more of the themes concerned. The lead is provided by the French Red Cross (FRC). The project aims to contribute to the balanced and sustainable development of territories affected by the displacement of populations resulting from the Central African conflict, in the Central African Republic and Cameroon.

Four specific objectives:

  • OS1. Strengthen the capacities of local authorities to put in place governance mechanisms and an inclusive dialogue allowing a concerted planning of development and response to the needs of the populations. (Civic cohesion).
  • OS2. Contribute to strengthening community mechanisms for resource management, mediation and access to basic services. (Social cohesion).
  • OS3. Improve people's livelihoods and incomes through value chains/activity systems in agro-pastoral sectors that enable youth, women, and vulnerable people to access profitable and sustainable economic activities and the establishment of appropriate financial services. (Economic cohesion).
  • OS4. Carry out diagnoses, capitalize on experiences and participate in the dialogue and reflections on national and regional policies and strategies for local development.

The mid-term evaluation aimed at conducting a critical analysis of the project implementation and management measures, analyzing the capitalization processes and formulating recommendations for the continuation of the project, and assessing qualitatively and quantitatively the actions carried out and results obtained according to the OECD evaluation criteria. The implementation phases were the following:

  • Definition and structuring of the evaluation approach, first contacts with AFD and CRF, document review, interviews with consortium members;
  • Field mission in each country by two experts from the team. Travel to the Berberati-Gamboula area in CAR and Batouri and surrounding villages in Cameroon. Individual, group and focus group interviews;
  • Debriefing in each zone and in the capitals;
  • Drafting of the provisional and final report.