Elaboration of the " Plan de Protection de la Faune " (PPF) for two BSO Forest Management Units in Gabon

As part of its national biodiversity protection plan, the Gabonese state has made it mandatory since 2018 to set up Wildlife Protection Plans, via a specific decree, for all economic operators having an activity that may impact wildlife and in particular Forest Concessions.
This decree is accompanied by a Technical Guide for the elaboration of FPPs in forest concessions in Gabon but in which no wildlife inventory is currently specified.

Firmly committed to forest certification, certified OLB in 2021 and PAFC in 2022, BSO is carrying out, with the support of TEREA, the inventory of the wildlife resource on the entire Okano and Abanga FMUs, going beyond the legal requirements in force.
Camera traps deployed in each of the FMUs allow the main species present and their distribution within the concessions to be identified. The results will enable the planning and organisation of logging sites and activities to minimise the impact on wildlife.

The initial results highlight the great wealth of fauna in these concessions.

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