Ivory Coast. TEREA co-facilitates a workshop on different management orientations of the classified forest of Rapides Grah.

The Consortium TEREA - BTA - AGRO-MAP animated, in collaboration with SODEFOR, the presentation workshop of the results of the field studies and the validation of the various orientations of the classified forest of Rapides Grah management in Ivory Coast.

The workshops took place in Meagui and San Pedro on 07 and 09 September, with all stakeholders present.

Launched in early 2021, the project, funded by The World Bank, aims to contribute to the restoration of the forest cover of the Ivory Coast through the development of the Participatory Management Plan of the Rapides Grah Classified Forest.Thanks to a socio-economic, legal, environmental and cartographic analysis, the consultants were able to formulate different management options, integrating the issues of forest governance, conservation and landscape restoration. The concerns of local populations were taken into account at all stages of the process.

TEREA would like to thank the SODEFOR staff for organising the workshops, the local and regional administrative authorities for their availability and support, and the inhabitants of the Rapides Grah classified forest for welcoming and sharing their daily lives with the teams deployed in the field, which led to the results presented in this workshop.

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