Presentation of TEREA at the 19th Meeting of the Parties of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership in Libreville from 5 to 8 July 2022.

For the first time at a Meeting of the Parties (MOP) of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP), a session was specifically dedicated to the private sector of the forestry and timber sector.

This session allowed the establishment of recommendations concerning the continuous improvement of forest management, the improvement of forest governance, the strengthening of social forestry, the improvement of wood processing rates or the supply of legal wood to the domestic market.

On this occasion, the Director of TEREA, Benoît DEMARQUEZ, made a speech on the continuous improvement of management plans and the preparation of the second rotation.

For some companies, the first rotation will soon come to an end, and they must now prepare for the second. The regulatory framework of Central African countries, which is very precise on the preparation of management plans, does not, however, address the issue of their renewal, the modalities of which have yet to be defined in their entirety.

It would also be regrettable to approach this new rotation in haste, without having made a precise assessment of the 20 to 30 years of implementation of the first management plans, in order to draw lessons from them to best prepare the next rotation.

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