TEREA is participating in the One Forest Summit in Libreville on March 1st and 2nd 2023.

TEREA attended the One Forest Summit on March 1 and 2 in Libreville to observe and participate in high-level discussions on the preservation and sustainable management of tropical forests.

This event saw the outcome of the "Libreville Plan" setting several objectives, among which TEREA is already engaged through its activities:

  • Creation of a "One Forest Vision" which aims to better understand the value of the forest, by mapping vital carbon and biodiversity reserves and measuring the level of carbon sequestration of tropical forests.
  • TEREA has developed tools to measure the carbon stocks and greenhouse gas emissions of forest concessions in the Congo Basin under the PAFC BC certification standard and provides training to the companies involved.
  • • Launch of "Positive Conservation Partnerships" (PCP): creation of "biodiversity certificates", in a combined logic with carbon credits, which can be purchased by sovereign states or private actors as a positive contribution to the protection of nature through a biodiversity certificate market.
  • TEREA, thanks to its actions in the framework of the ATIBT Carbon and Biodiversity Commission, is involved in the Organization for Biodiversity Certificates which seeks to develop an operational tool for assessing positive local impacts on biodiversity.
  • "10by30 Initiative" which aims to implement sustainable forestry activities and forest conservation programmes.

For nearly 20 years, TEREA has been supporting forestry companies towards sustainable forest management by promoting low impact practices and accompanying them towards certification.

TEREA will therefore closely follow the initiatives resulting from the Libreville Plan to continue to support companies and countries in the preservation of their forests and the services they provide.

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