TEREA trains companies in the carbon tools of the PAFC Congo Basin certification.

The training of forestry companies in the use of the greenhouse gas emissions assessment tool started this month.

This tool, developed by TEREA with the support of the Programme for the Promotion of Certified Logging (PPECF), enables companies to meet the new carbon requirements of the PAFC Congo Basin standard.

The first company to benefit from this training is BOIS ET SCIAGE DE L'OGOOUE (BSO), a Gabonese company that was one of the pilot companies that participated in the development of the tool. Because of its involvement in this upstream process, the collection and processing of data was simplified and TEREA was mainly involved in the monitoring and verification of the results.

Today, TEREA accompanies the company Gabon Wood Industrie GWI in this same exercise. After half a day of training allowing a good handling of the tool, the participants analyzed the data required for its filling. The training continues with the company GWI, in the framework of its preparation to the PAFC certification.

Thanks to its experience on forest and carbon issues, TEREA has directly contributed to the development of two operational tools to meet these requirements: a methodology for mapping carbon stocks, and a tool for assessing GHG emissions.

Today, TEREA provides training to forestry operators in order to allow them to quickly and efficiently use these tools. A "hotline" will also be set up to answer questions from forestry companies about these two tools.

For more information on these tools: https://pefc.org/news/carbon-stock-and-emissions-mapping-pafc-leads-the-way

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