Management training and staff development in two wood industries in Gabon

Ref 2016-F-012-PWG

Wood industry
Central Africa

The objective of the training was to strengthen the capacities of the management staff of two sawmills, and to conduct a staff audit to identify the employees likely to progress in order to effectively serve the company's development projects.

To this end, it was requested to work more particularly on behaviors and personal attitudes, and to a lesser extent on technical knowledge. Particular attention had to be paid to the risks of conflicts that could be generated by such an approach.

The training took place in four modules:

Module 1:

  • Exercise of communication and reinforcement of the cohesion between the members of each of the 2 teams (presentation of one's neighbor);
  • A collective decision is often more effective than an individual decision. Incentive to mutual aid within the teams;
  • Finding new solutions in a changing world.

Module 2:

  • Work on the personal values of each trainee based on Maslow's Pyramid;
  • The source of authority in famous personalities of African origin using biographical notes;
  • Authority and team management. Some tools to take stock.

Module 3:

  • Mechanisms of conflicts in companies and some basics of constructive management;
  • The calculation of the material yield, the proportions of the types of by-products and the impact of the increase of the material yield on the development potential of the companies;
  • The calculation of productivity, and the identification of unproductive time.

Module 4:

  • Return on material yields ;
  • Quality management (costing of non-quality, 5S method, 5M analysis method, PCDA);
  • Indicators.