Our values


TEREA is very active on the international scene, in many different countries and with collaborators from a wide range of backgrounds, and is well aware of the huge challenge of respecting cultural diversity.

To this end, TEREA is committed to respecting the values, traditions, and cultures of its employees, clients, and partners, without any social, gender, or religious discrimination.

TEREA acts daily in the respect of the social legislations and the international standards, and privileges the local competences for its recruitments and development of partnerships.

Honesty, loyalty, integrity and impartiality

TEREA requires its experts and representatives to conduct themselves in a professional manner that does not tolerate corrupt or illegal business activities of any kind. All our experts and representatives make their own decisions, act, and handle each case in accordance with the law, with objectivity and impartiality, avoiding any preference or bias that would be contrary to equity and justice.


TEREA is committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible company, two challenges that are equally important to us.

TEREA is socially committed by offering its employees sustainable jobs, in working conditions that favor well-being, listening, mutual aid, dialogue, and equal opportunities, excluding any form of discrimination.

TEREA is committed to providing its employees with quality social protection, and places safety at work at the heart of its commitments.

We also consider child labor to be unacceptable.

Our environmental responsibility is reflected in a daily commitment at all levels of the company, management and employees, but also partners and subcontractors, in the protection of the environment, the management of our waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and in the continuous improvement of the environmental and climatic footprint of our activities.

Download Terea's responsible commitments

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