Forests and climate change

According to FAO (2020), forests currently produce one-sixth of global carbon emissions as a result of deforestation, overexploitation and degradation. If managed sustainably, they have the potential to absorb one tenth of the world's carbon emissions into their biomass, soils and products and store them - in theory indefinitely. They can also ensure the production of wood fuel, which replaces fossil fuels very favorably.

As an active player in the fight against climate change, TEREA supports its clients in the development of ecologically sustainable projects to reduce GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions and fight against global warming. TEREA offers impact measurement tools and means to mitigate or offset them and help its clients' activities to become ecologically sustainable.

TEREA participates in the UN-coordinated REDD+ process to reduce GHG emissions from forest degradation and deforestation.

  • Control, reduce and offset GHG emissions
  • REDD+, climate change policies and strategies
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